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Providing comprehensive care for special-level, acute diseases

doctor writing prescript in front of the young womanAt times, patients who are suffering from certain diseases will require a special level of care that may not be available in their own homes. E&J Medical Center opens our inpatient wards to such patients. Having inpatient wards allow individuals to stay within our premises where our competent medical care team can look after them.

When an individual gets admitted in one of our inpatient wards, the following can be expected:

  • The patient receives care and treatment from experienced and qualified medical care staff.
  • The patient has access to necessary medications and care services that may be required in their condition.
  • The patient receives treatment on schedule.
  • The medical care team will continuously monitor the patient’s condition until they recover.

Our inpatient wards are always kept clean with various facilities designed to keep you healthy, safe and comfortable during your stay. Contact us for more inquiries about our inpatient wards.